Building Custom Homes Throughout Montana

Yes, we’re builders. However, our approach to projects demonstrates quite a different mindset than what clients typically expect to see.

  • Authentic Inc. has worked with some of Montana's finest Architects like Plan West, Stillwater Architecture and Locati Architects just to name a few.
  • Jeff St. Cyr/Owner builds personal relationships with every home owner which creates an enjoyable process for the client and the finished product is a dream come true!

At Authentic, although we’re consistently efficient and proactive, we always take a step back and view the big picture. Before we embark on the build, we ensure that we’re aligned with the owner’s objectives, with the architect’s insights, and with the interior designer’s creative vision. And, we adhere to these ideals all the way through to project completion.

With 25 years of industry experience under our belt, a strong reputation for leadership capabilities, and an expert level of craftsmanship, we truly go beyond for every client.